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We do sell our rental stock.

Direct purchase options are available on our website starting in the fall.

All of our renters have the option of applying a $50 credit toward the purchase of their rental wetsuit and adopting it for good. They can also choose to apply that credit toward the purchase of a different wetsuit in our inventory with the understanding that there may be a short wait until the right wetsuit becomes available.

Because we need to dedicate our full rental fleet to fulfilling rental orders during the height of the triathlon season, we only list the occasional overstock models that won't be needed during that time for direct purchase on our website.


We host an online Stock Clearance Sale in the fall. Sign up to get an alert!


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Jim McCann was founded in 2006 by Jim McCann. Then-president of the country's largest and most successful triathlon club, the San Diego Tri Club, Jim was witness to a surge in the popularity of triathlons as everyday folks turned to the sport as a vehicle for improving their health and well-being.

With the growing interest in triathlon, Jim recognized a consistent hurdle for folks willing to try their hand at this daunting sport..."After seeing thousands of new triathletes start in the club, I realized it was a good thing when a new triathlete wore a wetsuit in open water. Prior to becoming the club president, I ran the club races for three years. If I could just get a wetsuit on all the new triathletes for their first race, I wouldn't have to worry about one thing -- they couldn't sink! The warmth the wetsuit provides from the cold water also cuts down on people hyperventilating the first hundred yards or so.

The main issue which prevents people from wearing a wetsuit is the cost of a new wetsuit and the lack of rental options. New wetsuits start at about $200 and go up to over $1,000. For the new triathlete who doesn't know for sure if this sport is for them, it's hard to justify spending that kind of money for a piece of equipment they might only use once. So for little money, you can rent a wetsuit that will fit you properly. You might even enjoy your swim and go on and have a great time in your race. So that's how the started, trying to fill the need of those new to our sport that could benefit from a expensive piece of equipment." And the online triathlon wetsuit rental industry was born.

Jim McCann, our beloved founder, husband, brother and friend to the triathlon community, passed away during our first year of operation.

During the initial week or so of shock and grief, business took a back seat and we let some customers down. And that’s when we learned the true strength and value of the triathlon community…

With very few exceptions, customers, race directors, wetsuit manufacturers, and competitors reached out with everything from basic forgiveness for our temporary failings to delaying terms on invoices to one race director who actually tore up a dozen certificates for free wetsuits so he wouldn’t have to bother us during the aftermath of our personal tragedy.

And we got it. We truly understood Jim’s passion for and dedication to the triathlon world. Yes, it’s a sport, but that sport has spawned a community of people who work closely together to further something as simple as the health and well being of its members new and old. It’s a world where competitors are the best of friends – on the course and in business. And we’re proud and humbled to be a part of it.


Our Shipping Scheduled


How to Don a Triathlon Wetsuit


Swim Start Tips for Beginners


Floatation . Warmth . Speed

A positive swim experience
for every customer is our goal!

Dive in

If you've got the GUTS We've got the GEAR

Whether your upcoming event is the culmination of months spent slowly training yourself out of your old comfort zone or is just another Saturday, it takes courage to tackle the open water. A high quality, well-fit wetsuit is a must for your arsenal.

We feature today's models of the industry's most trusted triathlon wetsuit brands. Choosing your suit from our extensive collection are the most experienced wetsuit fitting experts in the business.

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And We've Got the Experience

Don't risk a bad swim! Trust the knowledge and experience we've built up during our 8 years of service.

Events Attended by our Wetsuits

Wetsuit Models Stocked and Tested

Athletes Successfully Fitted

Expert Fitters Filling Orders

Why wear a triathlon wetsuit?

You'll enjoy a less taxing and more relaxing swim gliding through the water in a triathlon wetsuit. Originally designed for cold-water swimming, swimmers have found additional benefits to wearing a wetsuit making it a staple in today's triathlete gear bag.


Additional buoyancy keeps you on top of the water and in an optimal swimming position making for a much easier swim.


Neoprene helps trap some of your body heat so you expend less energy keeping up your core body temperature.


Less energy expended swimming and staying warm leaves more energy available for forward propulsion - or for the bike and run!

All-Inclusive Pricing

No check-out time surprises with us.

Except for this one... Rent more than 1 wetsuit and save 10% on each additional rental!

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Early Shipment


We'll ship your wetsuit out two weeks before your event giving you more than a week to train with it before the big day.

Order after our target ship date and we'll ship your suit out within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).

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1-3 day delivery


Your wetsuit ships via US Postal Service Priority Mail for free. This means a 2-day delivery time to all but the most rural locations (which can expect a 3-day delivery time).

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Prepaid return postage


Everything needed for a hassle-free return of your rental wetsuit will be shipped out with your suit - including a prepaid return postage label.

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Complete Wetsuit Rental


Rent now

Our all-inclusive wetsuit rental package includes a fit-guarantee (necessary size replacements requested at least 3 days before your event ship free) and a $50 credit towards the purchase of any used or new wetsuit in our inventory.

A positive swim experience for every customer is our goal!

  • Best Ironman swim ever...

    "Yes, I was a little apprehensive about renting a wetsuit online... will it arrive on time, what if it doesn't fit right, will it be a decent brand, in good shape, difficult to return... etc. I'm very happy to say that the wetsuit arrived a week in advance, in great shape, was a well known brand and model, fit me perfectly and was easy to return. And by the way, I had my best Ironman swim ever. Thank you to the team. I also loved the encouraging email the day before the race. I'm a fan and have told as many triathlon friends as possible."

  • Would absolutely recommend...

    "We had to rent last minute. The sizing was perfect, wetsuit was outstanding, and the prompt delivery really helped out! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone needing to rent a wetsuit! And without a doubt, great pricing!"

  • Ready to conquer the waves...

    "I had my first Sprint Tri this Fall, and the last thing I wanted to stress about was figuring out the wetsuit situation (buy? rent? sleeves? no sleeves? size?). These guys made it so easy to figure out! Their sizing questionnaire is hilarious, and the follow-up customer service was spot-on. The wetsuit came well before the event and I felt totally ready to conquer the waves on race day. Can't recommend highly enough!"

  • Fit perfectly again...

    "This was my second time renting from you guys. Suit fit PERFECTLY again! So thankful that I can feel comfortable when ordering from you. Return process is SO simple and renting is affordable! Thank you! Will be renting again in the future."

  • Better than the brick and mortar stores...

    " provided the best customer service, ease of delivery and returning, and high quality product (I LOVED my wetsuit). Ordering with them was just as good, if not better, than the brick and mortar stores I visited in NYC, and the price is competitive. Renting a wetsuit with them helped make my first triathlon a great experience!"

    Over 1,000 More Available

To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve?

Because neoprene sleeves increase your buoyancy, we encourage you to wear a full-sleeve wetsuit whenever water temps are comfortable enough to do so. Your race director will likely contact you with accurate present-time water temperature info closer to the date of your event. The water temperature data we've gathered from open-water swims during the past decade is presented in the following map and will give you an idea of what to expect. Use the little drop-down menu in the upper left corner to choose your season, then scroll to the bottom of the map to see our suit recommendation for your anticipated water temp.


BRRR! Go with the full-sleeves and consider a neoprene cap, as well, to help keep your core body temp up.


Definitely go with full-sleeves at these cool temperatures.


You can manage without sleeves at these temps. We'd recommend going with full-sleeves, though, for added warmth and buoyancy.


Definitely warm enough to go without sleeves, but unless you run super hot, consider wearing them anyway for the additional buoyancy.


Wetsuits won't be legal at USAT events, but if you're willing to forego the podium, consider wearing a sleeveless wetsuit.


Wetsuits won't be legal or even allowed at USAT sanctioned events.

We've got answers

We've answered the most common questions we hear below, but feel free to contact us with anything not covered here!


It's 3 days before my event - can I still get a wetsuit?
Don't you need more measurements to fit me into the right wetsuit?
C'mon, do you REALLY read all those comments?
Can I cancel my order for a refund?

Probably. However, if it is Thursday before your event or later, do not submit an order online. Such late orders must be placed via phone so we can physically check the racks to make sure we have a suit that will work for you before accepting your order.

Most wetsuit sizing charts are based on weight and height alone. Submitting your Body Type on the rental form helps us a lot. If you normally struggle with finding clothes that fit well for whatever reason, please include a note in the same field describing your challenges (ie, wide shoulders, long waisted, barrel-chested, etc.). Our fitters will take these notes into consideration when choosing your suit.

YES!! Our intention was to respond to all comments individually, but we kept getting distracted with things like shipping suits and answering the phone. If the special request you listed in the "Comments" field is not granted, please know that we did our best but just didn't have the right suit in the house. Those comments offer us a lot of valuable info, so please feel free to use the input field liberally.

And to the individual who submitted the cookie recipe to test us - they were delicious :)

All orders are refundable until they are shipped. Just email Kristina about your cancelation and she’ll process your refund.


Return customer here - can you send me the same suit as last time?
New customer here - can I request a specific model/size of wetsuit?
Do you have a wetsuit big enough for me?
Will my suit meet USAT thickness standards?

First of all – thank you and welcome back! You can indicate your return customer status and any preference for or bias against suits you’ve rented with us in the past in the “Comments” input field on the rental page.

You can. Express any such requests in the “Comments” input field on the rental page. Because our inventory is so fluid, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to honor all requests, but if the right suit is in the house, we will. One caveat to consider. If you request a specific size of suit that does not jive with what our experts recommend, we will still honor your request but will charge a shipping fee to send a second suit if the first doesn't fit.

Most likely. We’ve found that most triathlon wetsuits top out at about 240 pounds (give or take 10 pounds depending on height). So, we stock Akona wetsuits to fit our customers weighing 240 to over 300 pounds. The Akona Quantum Stretch is technically a dive suit which meets USAT standards. However, our Clydesdale and Athena customers tell us it is very comfortable and easy to swim in.

Yes. Max thickness on all of our wetsuits is 5mm.


When will you ship the wetsuit?
Can you ship the suit to my hotel?
Do you ship wetsuits outside the United States?

Our Target Ship Date for all orders is 2 Mondays before your event. (We actually ship the majority of orders already in our files even earlier than that, so get your order in early!) Our timing is set to ensure you have your wetsuit the weekend BEFORE your event so you can get in some practice time with it.

If you order on the Target Ship Date or later, we'll ship your order within 24 hours of receipt (excluding weekends and holidays). Our free shipping option takes 2 days to reach most anywhere in the country (3 days to more rural addresses). Overnight shipping options are available at checkout.

Yes. Just list the hotel's address as your shipping address. Use the 'Comments' field during checkout to let us know your arrival date and the name on your hotel reservation.

Only to APO addresses.


Is my wetsuit too tight?
What if my wetsuit doesn't fit?
Do you have a wetsuit big enough for me?

Probably not. Between the wealth of experience and sizing data we've collected over the years and the fact that we err toward the larger size range on a suit, it's highly unlikely we sent a suit that is too small for you. A correctly donned, right-sized wetsuit will feel really, really tight – an incorrectly donned suit will feel like it’s strangling you.

Unfortunately, putting a wetsuit on correctly is NOT easy or intuitive. Please watch our instructional videos on how to properly don a wetsuit. Once you get it on, do some deep knee bends and windmill your arms. Try it in the water if you can, because the suit will shift a bit when it's wet and feel like it's loosening up some.

Remember, a well-fit suit will likely feel tight and uncomfortable while you're standing in your living room. But it needs to adhere intimately to your body, while still allowing you to breathe and stroke, to do its job properly.

First, please check our instructional videos to be sure you're wearing the suit correctly. We know we're not infallible, but we do want to eliminate this number cause for mistakenly claiming a wrong size wetsuit before we send a replacement. If you’re sure the suit is the wrong size, contact us at 360-297-1818 with a detailed explanation of the fit. We will expedite shipment on a second suit that is requested by noon the Wednesday before your event at no charge to you. Second suits requested after that time will be shipped and billed to you.

We’ve found that most triathlon wetsuits top out at about 240 pounds (give or take 10 pounds depending on height). So, we stock several models of Akona wetsuits to fit our customers weighing 240 to over 300 pounds. The Akona Quantum Stretch is technically a dive suit which does conform to USAT regulations. However, our Clydesdale and Athena customers tell us it is very comfortable and easy to swim in.


How long can I keep the wetsuit?
How do I return my wetsuit?
Will I get charged for damage to my wetsuit?
Can I buy my rental suit?
My swim was cancelled at the last minute - now what?

We expect suits to be post-marked for their return trip no later than Wednesday following your event (unless you've purchased additional post-event rental time). 

If you signed up for another event taking place in the coming weeks, you can extend your current rental at only $15/week - a far more economical option to returning your suit and renting again. Please be aware that rental extension fees are NOT deductible from a wetsuit purchase.

You can ship the suit back to us at

  • Wetsuit Rental
  • 24752 NE Hillbend Lane
  • Kingston, WA 98346

All rental orders include return postage.  A prepaid return postage label and instructions for sending the suit back will be emailed to you around the time of your event.

Note that is no longer the only online internet-based wetsuit rental company. It is the customer's responsibility to return the suit to the right company. If you attempt to return it at your event, PLEASE be sure you have found a representative of – we will not have a presence at every event.

We DO NOT charge for normal wear and tear to our wetsuits. However, we will make an exception for damage we deem unreasonable - damage resulting from careless handling and storage of the wetsuit (for pete's sake don't leave the suit baking in the sun in the back seat of your car!). In almost a decade of business, we can count on one hand the number of times we've charged for damage and those charges were minimal, so please, take good care of the suit but don't stress about it!

$50 of your rental fee can be applied toward the purchase price of your rental suit or of any other suit in our inventory until the end of the calendar year. Details on how to buy your rental suit will be included with your shipment. You can also check out the Buy a Triathlon Wetsuit section of our store to see what new and used wetsuits we have available for purchase. If you've rented from us more than once this season, you can apply a total of $75 toward the purchase of a suit in a single calendar year.  Please note that credits are NOT transferrable.

In this case, you’ve already received your wetsuit and, unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund. However, if you contact us, we will offer you a coupon code for $25 off your next rental.

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