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TriRock San Diego Triathlon, CA

We encourage TriRock San Diego Triathlon participants to consider WetsuitRental.com for their open-water swimming needs. We feature the latest wetsuits from all the most trusted triathlon brands: 2XU, Aqua Sphere, Blue Seventy, DeSoto, Nineteen, Quintana Roo, Synergy, TYR and Zoot.

We anticipate water temperatures in San Diego Bay for the TriRock San Diego Triathlon to be in the high 60's.

You should be comfortable enough here in a sleeveless wetsuit. However, studies have shown that the full sleeves do help you swim better - and the temps here aren't so high as to warrant concern regarding overheating. Bottom line - you can go full or sleeveless here.

Event Date: 9/11/2011
Swim Venue: San Diego Bay
Water Temperature: high 60's

  • Temperature 2007: n/a degrees
  • Temperature 2008: n/a degrees
  • Temperature 2009: n/a degrees
  • Temperature 2010: 65 degrees
  • Temperature 2011: n/a degrees
  • Posted Average Temperature: 68 degrees

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