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Let us help you conquer the open water!


It's 3 days before my event - can I still get a wetsuit?

Probably. However, if it is Thursday before your event or later, do not submit an order online. Such late orders must be placed via phone so we can physically check the racks to make sure we have a suit that will work for you before accepting your order.

When will you ship the wetsuit?

Our Target Ship Date for all orders is 2 Wednesdays before the event.  We actually ship the majority of our orders a day or two earlier than that.  If you order on the Target Ship Date or later, we'll ship your order within 24 hours of receipt (excluding weekends and holidays).  Yeah, we know that's lot of detail, so we broke it down for you.

If you place your order by noon PST today and your event is in (consider the Saturday of your event weekend when counting)...

11+ DAYS

Your wetsuit will arrive at least 1 week before your event. Want it sooner for some practice? Purchase additional rental time for just $15/week, and we'll adjust your ship date accordingly.

4-10 DAYS

We'll ship your order within 24 hours of receiving it (excluding weekends and holidays). Our free shipping will have the suit at your door just 2-3 days later. Shipping upgrades are available if you need it sooner.

1-3 DAYS

If it's Thurs or Fri just before your event, please call in your order. We'll ensure the right shipping method is used to get you your suit in time.  Saturday deliveries will incur additional charges. 

Can you ship the suit to my hotel?

Yes. Just list the hotel's address as your shipping address. Use the 'Comments' field during checkout to let us know your arrival date and the name on your hotel reservation.

Hey, my suit shipped before the specified Target Ship Date. What's up with that?

To lessen the Wednesday shipping load, we begin getting suits scheduled for that day's shipment out the door in the days leading up to Wednesday. In fact, nearly 80% of all orders ship early.  Please don't contact us to ask if we can make sure your order is one of the early shipments. Those shipments are chosen based on when the order was placed (first-come, first-served) and what suits are currently in the house.

How long will the wetsuit take to reach me?

We use USPS Priority Mail shipping or FedEx Ground - neither of which  should take more than 3 days to deliver.  Expedited delivery options are available at an additional cost.

How long can I keep the wetsuit?

We expect suits to be post-marked for their return trip no later than Wednesday following your event (unless you've purchased additional post-event rental time). 

If you signed up for another event taking place in the coming weeks, you can extend your current rental at only $15/week - a far more economical option to returning your suit and renting again. Please be aware that rental extension fees are NOT deductible from a wetsuit purchase.

What models of wetsuits do you carry?

Our rental stock consists of entry and mid-level models of triathlon wetsuits from 2XU, Aqua Sphere, AquaMan, Blue Seventy, DeSoto, Huub, Nineteen, Orca, Profile Design, Quintana Roo, Synergy, Tyr, and Zoot.

Can I request a specific model and/or size of wetsuit?

You can. Express any such requests in the “Comments” input field on the rental page. Because our inventory is so fluid, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to honor all requests, but if the right suit is in the house, we will. One caveat to consider. If you request a specific size of suit that does not jive with what our experts recommend, we will still honor your request but will charge a shipping fee to send a second suit if the first doesn't fit.

I am a return customer. Can you send me the same wetsuit you did last year?

First of all – thank you and welcome back! You can indicate your return customer status and any preference for or bias against suits you’ve rented with us in the past in the “Comments” input field on the rental page.

C'mon, do you REALLY read all those comments?

YES!! Our intention was to respond to all comments individually, but we kept getting distracted with things like shipping suits and answering the phone. If the special request you listed in the "Comments" field is not granted, please know that we did our best but just didn't have the right suit in the house. Those comments offer us a lot of valuable info, so please feel free to use the input field liberally. 

And to the individual who submitted the cookie recipe to test us - they were delicious :)

Don't you need more measurements to fit me into the right wetsuit?

Most wetsuit sizing charts are based on weight and height alone. Submitting your Body Type on the rental form helps us a lot.  If you’re requesting a DeSoto, we will need to have your waist and chest measurements. You can include these in the “Comments” input field on the rental page. If you normally struggle with finding clothes that fit well for whatever reason, please include a note in the same field describing your challenges (ie, wide shoulders, long waisted, barrel-chested, etc.). Our fitters will take these notes into consideration when choosing your suit.

What if my wetsuit doesn't fit?

Our fitters get it right the first time in 97% of all cases. Remember that a wetsuit that is not donned correctly will feel like it's the wrong size. Donning a wetsuit correctly is NOT easy! If you feel like your wetsuit doesn't fit, first check our instructional videos to be sure you're wearing it correctly. If you’re sure the suit is the wrong size (see ‘Is my suit too tight?’), contact us at 360-297-1818 with a detailed explanation of the fit. For US orders, we will expedite shipment on a second suit that is requested by noon the Wednesday before your event at no charge to you. Second suits requested after that time will be shipped and billed to you.

Is my wetsuit too tight?

Probably not. We do get it right 97% of the time (we’re proud so we’ll say it again) with the first suit we send. We’ve found that often customers who feel that their suit is too tight have not donned the suit correctly. A correctly donned suit will feel really tight – an incorrectly donned suit will feel like it’s strangling you. Watch our instructional videos on how to properly don a wetsuit before you determine if the suit is actually the wrong size.

Do you have a wetsuit big enough for me?

Most likely. 2XU custom-makes some XXXL fullsuits for us. We’ve found that these suits fit up to about 240 pounds. In addition, we stock several models of Akona wetsuits to fit our customers weighing 240 to over 300 pounds. The Akona Quantum Stretch is technically a dive suit.  However, our Clydesdale and Athena customers tell us it is very comfortable and easy to swim in.

My breathing feels constricted and my heart races when I swim in a wetsuit - is this normal?

It’s not unheard of. Some people (we've seen this in less than half dozen customers in 6 years) really struggle with wetsuit tightness and feel claustrophobic in a properly fit suit. If you struggle at all with claustrophobic feelings, we recommend you get in some practice time with the suit. Generally, the more relaxed and confident you feel in the suit, the less you’ll struggle with these issues.

How do I return my wetsuit?

You can ship the suit back to us at

  • Wetsuit Rental
  • 1000 N Hamitlon St. Ste C5
  • Chandler, AZ 85225

US rental orders include return postage.  A prepaid return postage label and instructions for sending the suit back will be emailed to you around the time of your event.

Note that WetsuitRental.com is no longer the only online internet-based wetsuit rental company. It is the customer's responsibility to return the suit to the right company. If you attempt to return it at your event, PLEASE be sure you have found a representative of WetsuitRental.com – we will not have a presence at every event.

Will I get charged for damage to my wetsuit?

We DO NOT charge for normal wear and tear to our wetsuits. However, we will make an exception for damage we deem unreasonable - damage resulting from careless handling and storage of the wetsuit (for pete's sake don't leave the suit baking in the sun in the back seat of your car!). Here are some examples of unreasonable damage.

Wetuit Damage Example 1 Wetsuit Damage Example 2

We also charge for broken zippers. Wetsuit zippers are industrial strength - it takes a LOT of force to bust one of those babies, so we do charge $65 to replace a zipper broken while the suit is in your care. We WILL contact you before making any charges related to damage!

Can I buy my wetsuit?

$50 of your rental fee can be applied toward the purchase price of your rental suit or of any other suit in our inventory until the end of the calendar year. Details on how to buy your rental suit will be included with your shipment. You can also check out the Buy a Triathlon Wetsuit section of our store to see what new and used wetsuits we have available for purchase. If you've rented from us more than once this season, you can apply a total of $75 toward the purchase of a suit in a single calendar year.  Please note that credits are NOT transferrable.

Can I cancel my order for a refund?

All orders are refundable until they are shipped. Just email Brian about your cancellation and she’ll process your refund.

My swim/event was canceled. Now what?

Generally when events are canceled, they’re canceled at the last minute when event organizers have given up hope that conditions will become favorable enough to continue. In this case, you’ve already received your wetsuit and we cannot offer a refund. However, if you contact us, we will offer you a coupon code for $25 off your next rental.

I'd like to talk to a real person before placing my order. Is this possible?

Of course! We love talking customers through their questions and concerns. You can reach us at 360-297-1818.

Will you have a representative at my event to collect my rental suit?

Probably not. There are several thousand triathlon and swim events that occur across the country every year and we are a small crew. If you are attending an event where a WetsuitRental.com rep will be available for suit collection, we will email you to let you know ahead of time.

Do you ship wetsuits outside the United States?

No - not at this time.