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"I'd never used a wetsuit before and I had a lot of concerns about one fitting me properly as I'm not a standard size. I called and spoke with Patty who was sooo awesome at allaying my concerns and talking me through the process. I ordered one for my friend as well who'd gone to a store to try on wetsuits and had a miserable experience and called it a torture device. So it was with trepidation that she and I tried them on and we were both delighted at how easily we got them on and how well they fit. Our coach commented on the quality of the suit; saying you can't usually rent such nice ones. There were some sites that quoted cheaper prices but this service includes shipping both ways and the price came out about even. But even if it hadn't been I still value the service and quality. Thanks!"

Posted By: Pam  (see more reviews)


Lots of great info here for the aspiring or experienced open-water swimmer. Have you read a good article or seen a video you found particularly helpful?  Share it with us and we'll post it here so that others can benefit from your find.






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