2020 Blueseventy Helix Fullsleeve Mens

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The new Men's Blueseventy Helix Triathlon Wetsuit has used its past six designs and taken it to a new level.  Blueseventy introduced the all-new LIFT technology in the Helix.  LIFT technology puts every swimmer in an efficient downhill swimming position to conserve energy.  Blueseventy uses the highest quality Yamamoto rubber in order to provide athletes with the best suit features, including premier flexibility. Yamamoto 40 is used in the arms of the new Helix triathlon wetsuit to provide flexibility, comfort and speed.  The 5-5-4 design provides maximum buoyancy in the areas most needed.  The chest and torso have 5mm Yamamoto panels to promote an efficient swimming position, which tappers down to 4mm Yamamoto at the legs to provide lift and improve flex for a better kick. The Helix wetsuit has several speed-enhancing features to help you achieve maximum performance.  Quick exit legs allow for fast T1 times to get your suit off faster and get you on to your bike leg quicker. FEATURE:

  • VO2 Chest Panels for improved flexibility and buoyancy
  • 40 cell Yamamoto arms to provide maximum flexibility, comfort and speed
  • Quick-exit legs to improve speed in T1
  • L.I.F.T. panels layered insulation Foam Technolgy for leg lift to reduce legs drag.


Water Temperature Rating: 50-80 Degrees

Water Temperature Rating

Maximum Wetsuit Buoyancy

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High Flexibility Wetsuit

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