About was founded in 2006 by Jim McCann.  Then-president of the country's largest and most successful triathlon club, the San Diego Tri Club, Jim was witness to a surge in the popularity of triathlons as everyday folks turned to the sport as a vehicle for improving their health and well-being.

With the growing interest in triathlon, Jim recognized a consistent hurdle for folks willing to try their hand at this daunting sport..."After seeing thousands of new triathletes start in the club, I realized it was a good thing when a new triathlete wore a wetsuit in open water. Prior to becoming the club president, I ran the club races for three years. If I could just get a wetsuit on all the new triathletes for their first race, I wouldn't have to worry about one thing -- they couldn't sink! The warmth the wetsuit provides from the cold water also cuts down on people hyperventilating the first hundred yards or so.

The main issue which prevents people from wearing a wetsuit is the cost of a new wetsuit and the lack of rental options. New wetsuits start at about $200 and go up to over $1,000. For the new triathlete who doesn't know for sure if this sport is for them, it's hard to justify spending that kind of money for a piece of equipment they might only use once. So for little money, you can rent a wetsuit that will fit you properly. You might even enjoy your swim and go on and have a great time in your race. So that's how the started, trying to fill the need of those new to our sport that could benefit from a expensive piece of equipment."  And the online triathlon wetsuit rental industry was born.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the triathlon world. Yes, it’s a sport, but that sport has spawned a community of people who work closely together to further something as simple as the health and well being of its members new and old. It’s a world where competitors are the best of friends – on the course and in business. And we’re proud and humbled to be a part of it.


Our Reputation

You won’t see any big splashy ads featuring Wetsuit Rental. Why? Well… they’re really expensive! And besides, word-of-mouth advertising has done wonders for our business. Our customers are coming back and bringing friends (and thanks by the way). Over the past 16 year we have been honored to assist new triathletes, seasoned triathletes, youths, first time and repeat Ironman, and Openwater swimmers by providing them with a high quality wetsuits. Our goal is to remove the overwhelming task of choosing a wetsuit that best fits an individual's body and needs. 
While we can’t claim perfection, we will tell you that we have spent hundreds of dollars on single orders just to do what’s necessary to deliver as promised.


Our Stats

You read it right… over 100,000 athletes served! That’s how we’ve managed to establish a current fitting success rate of 99% - practice, practice, practice. With a core group of employees, you’ve got the most reliable team in the country choosing your suit for you.


Our Prices

Still among the lowest in the business, our $70 base rental fee gets you free round-trip shipping plus more time with your suit than any other company. You can even purchase additional time with your wetsuit for a very low rate. And, yes, we've got bargains on used wetsuits!


Our Shipping

With a Target Ship Date of 16 DAYS before your event, we ship earlier than our competitors. The time frame allows you to opt for our free shipping option while still leaving enough time for emergency exchanges for that 3% we get wrong.  Waited too long to order?  Upgrade to FedEx Express and get the suit in 1-2 days!


Our Wetsuits

Our inventory currently boasts 12 name brands of triathlon wetsuits – and we’re adding more! Why? Because there is no single wetsuit brand that fits every body type perfectly. With the large selection of wetsuit in the country, you can be sure that we’ll put you into the best suit for your shape – and not the suit we’re working to sell.


Our Store

It’s not our goal to compete with some of the triathlon supply giants that offer a selection that includes every piece of equipment available from every brand out there (although we do LOVE to shop them), but there are a few items that we want you to be aware of – from the tried and true to the fresh and innovative.


Our Warranty

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all wetsuit purchases - used and new!