Please contact us for wetsuits for your event plus some valuable extras. We love answering your questions and offering advice.  We will also accept orders over the phone but highly recommend that you place the order online to ensure that all information is accurate. 

If time gets away and your realize that you need your wetsuit the next day, just call us to ensure we are able to ship it out and that expedited service is available for your shipping address. 

Phone: 360-297-1818 

Email: or use the form below

We're constantly checking our voice mail!  So if you call while we're on the other line, please leave us a message - we'll get back to you ASAP :)

Our physical location in Chandler, AZ is not a typical storefront, and we don't staff anyone to handle the occasional 'walk-in' traffic.  However, if you call us for an appointment, we would be pleased to pull a variety of wetsuits for you and have you come by for personalized fitting service.  Just give us a call to schedule your appointment.