Race Day Triathlon Check List

You have been training for months for your race tomorrow. Your mind is racing aimless you have set and checked your alarm clock three times over to make sure you don’t oversleep. For the athletes that this is your first race you maybe second guessing yourself on your training and why I signed up for this. All I have to say is relax you have this!!!   Let’s go through the check list of the items you will need for the big day so you can get plenty of sleep!!

The list we provide is a simple list of essentials to complete your race. The most important thing to have to be successful is a GOOD ATTITUDE and STAY CALM. Everything may not go as planned while you are driving to the race or setting up your transition. Just make sure that you don’t let these little things before the race ruin all your day.

Download Triathlon Race Day Check List


Swimming Essentials:

☐Swimsuit, Tri Suit, Tri Shorts and Top


Swim Cap


Extra Pair of Goggles

Swim Socks

Old pair socks, plastic bag

Anti-Chafe, Body Glide, Suit Juice Tri-Slide

Old Shirt or Towel

Waterproof sunscreen

Ear Plugs

Bike essentials:



Cycling Shoes and Socks


Water bottle(s)

Nutrition, Energy Gel or Snacks

Tool Kit: Tube, Co2, levers, multi-tool

Floor pump


Run essentials:

 ☐Running Shoes with elastic or quick laces


Race Belt

Nutritional Belt

Water Bottle


Other Items:


Watch and Monitors

Warm Clothes or Rain Clothes


Transition Bag

Extra Energy gels and snacks


Change of clothes for post-race