Sable GX Polarized Level 3 Professional Swim Goggle

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Designed to meet the needs of the triathlete, the GX-100 model is ideal for openwater swimming and racing.  A true aquatic weapon for triathletes and open water swimmers wanting a distinct edge over their competitors. With a newly engineered hydrodynamic frame, secure double straps, and FlatLens™ technology, the new GX-100 is your ticket to the podium with style and performance.​

Featuring the all new innovative GX-1 polarized lenses that eliminate glare like never before, allowing you to see clearly and focus on what needs to be focused on - the race.  You've never seen such clarity in outdoor swimming!​

Designed for competitive swimming, the GX-100 Polarized Professional Swim Goggle from Sable WaterOptics provides unparalleled visual clarity and comfort in the toughest swim environments. The pro-performance GX-100 swimming goggle features Flatlens technology for razor-sharp vision above and below the water, and are polarized to reduce glare. Sable WaterOptics aquatic eyewear products have integrated permanent super anti-fog with hydrophilic technology that sheds water, keeping the lenses clear under the most demanding conditions. Fit for the best view, the Sable GX-100 Polarized Professional Swim Goggle ensures clear vision and optimum comfort, from start to finish!


  • Flatlens technology offers razor-sharp vision above and below the water
  • Integrated permanent super anti-fog with hydrophilic technology outperforms anything else on the market
  • Polarized lens tech cuts the most glare with the crispest vision available.
  • Hydrophobic outer surface sheds water, keeping the lens clear
  • Comes with four (4) customizable nose bridges for the best fit
  • Professional silicone seals prevent leaking and reduce irritation, protecting the eyes from chemicals, bacteria, and harmful pressure on the eye
  • Optical industry polycarbonate lenses and coatings protect eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Sable WaterOptics Lifetime Frame & Strap Warranty
  • Frame Colors: Red, Green, and Charcoal