Surf/Dive Adult Rental

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Compete in a quality wetsuit for your next trip. Based on your height and weight, we will choose the best suit for our Ecel inventory.  Shipping both directions is included.


Ordering/Shipping Timeline


  • Our standard service ships wetsuits two Fridays prior to the Event Date weekend.
  • Orders must be placed by Thursday at noon eastern time two Fridays prior to the Event Date weekend.
  • Orders can be rushed for an additional $15 fee on a case-by-case basis subject to availability. Please contact customer service prior to placing an order if you require a wetsuit after the standard deadline.
  • Multiple item orders must be sent to the same address for the same delivery and return schedule.


Rental Terms Agreement


  • Wetsuit Rental is not responsible for the safety of any customer wearing one of our wetsuits. 
  • Rented wetsuits CANNOT be used in an obstacle race. 
  • We understand that small tears may occur, but excessive damage to the suit will incur a fee directly associated with the damage. Irreparable damage to suits returned will incur the identified purchase price of the suit. Please treat our wetsuits like they were your own.
  • Rental wetsuits are due to be shipped back by the Wednesday following the Event Date specified on the original order unless additional rental time was purchased. If the prepaid return label is not activated until the Friday following the event or later, a $25 late fee will be assessed. If the prepaid return label still has not been activated the following Wednesday, the customer will be charged the balance due on the value of the rental wetsuit. Wetsuits can still be returned after that time for a refund less a $25/week late fee.  
  • Once a wetsuit is delivered to the renter, the renter is responsible for the suit.